Today, your car insurance price is largely pre-determined based on the zip-code you live in, your income, and your credit score.

Using this lens to underwrite customers perpetuates structural bias, disproportionately affecting communities of color, and unfairly grouping people into a ‘high-risk’ category that pays 50–70% more.

There are new, more relevant data that allow us to price customers more equitably — measuring the safety of the roads and our driving behaviors on them instead of who we are as individuals.

This is why we created Loop.

A mission-driven auto insurance player, that will be powered by AI-technology and driven…

Today I announce my departure from Harlem Capital. It’s been an incredible journey of breaking barriers and blazing trails for investors and entrepreneurs of color — a journey I’m very proud to have been a member, partner, and founder of.

When I joined in 2017, Harlem Capital was an angel syndicate writing small checks with big dreams. It was the seed of something I knew could be special, with a team of exceptionally talented brothers who were all driven to make meaningful economic change for minorities.

Looking back, our initial goal of raising a $1mm angel fund looks modest in…

While doing some kicking back on Martha’s Vineyard for August this year — I see Barry post on his Instagram what he and Michelle have been listening to for the Summer.

Immediately it captures my imagination… if I listen to the same music — will I somehow channel all that damn smoothness, intellect, and grace the Obamas have?

Well, only one way to find out. xD

I checked and there were a few “listicles” published on it almost immediately… but didn’t see any Spotify lists put together! So, I took it upon myself. Here it is:

Listening to it…

For all the boardrooms I’m fortunate enough to grace now, and endeavors I’ve sought to pursue — almost nothing I’ve learned in the past 10 years can compare to the things I learned in my first 10.

Growing up as the son of immigrant parents is the nearest thing to my heart. When my folks immigrated to the US from the Dominican Republic, they headed over to the big city of dreams — NYC — to give their kids their shot.

Like a lot of immigrant communities (some, but not all), you’re typically living in lower-income neighborhoods. …

We (Harlem Capital Partners) are pleased to announce our fifth investment in Best Dental, a Harlem-based dental practice spearheaded by an Indian-American CEO and former Corporate Finance Strategist.

Investing in a dental practice is certainly a departure from what typical venture firms are known to do; placing bets almost exclusively on high-growth scalable technology companies. At Harlem Capital, however, investing in dynamic small businesses is not only in direct alignment with our vision and fund strategy — it is imperative to our success as a diversity-focused fund. …

They say ‘experience is the best teacher’ — and while I’ve always seen eye-to-eye with that — the past 90 days at the accelerator has brought a whole new level of depth to the saying for us.

The companies are doing well. Really well. Collectively, we have 1 seed round closed, 3 new products launched, and a ton of mistakes to show for it. We’re keeping our heads down, staying focused, and tuning out of the conventional jargon of what it means to be a successful startup.

Which leads me to the most important insight I can share. It’s not…

I think too far many entrepreneurs are networking the wrong way.

If you go to any number of meetups in the NYC startup scene, you’re bound to see 80% (or more) of people engaging in the same way. Surface-level conversations that last about 2–5 minutes before swapping cards and going on to the next one.

This usually results in a big pile of business cards at the end of the night that almost never lead to real relationships.

So, what do I think the better approach is?

Networking is ONLY about genuinely connecting with other people. click to tweet!


As Cofound makes more and more headway, people are shocked when they find out none of us are from here.

“Why the hell would you choose Harlem of all places?”

It was such a natural decision for us that I realized we never took a second to formally explain it — so, here’s my attempt to do just that.

Ev, Ahishar, and I were starting to hang out alot. Each of us on different projects, we’d cowork out of cafe’s by day and grab brews by night. …

John Henry

Entrepreneur. Investor. Community Builder.

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